RG-2E copy paper press
RG-2E copy paper press


Product features:

Purpose: multi-color rolling material suitable for the printing machine BOPP, PET, PVC, CPP, glass paper, non-woven fabric, paper and aluminum foil with good printing performance of continuous printing, and printing can be completed.


1., can be positive and negative, a continuous print finish

2, cast iron chassis, double drying Road, effectively protect printing speed.

3., there is an axle mounted edition structure, which can be installed at any length.

4. and the coil are both double working mechanism, which can realize non ground refueling.

5. 、 pneumatic control to provide product quality.

6. unwinding roller adopts magnetic powder automatic tension control system, winding adopts torque motor.

7 unwinding roll adopts deviation rectification control system.

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