RG-1A computerized crosscut machine
RG-1A computerized crosscut machine

RG-1A computerized crosscut machine

Detailed description

Use: cutting, folding embossing molding machine is suitable for the non-woven web materials, can also be used for film and paper cutting material. The machine integrates light and electricity, has simple operation, high cutting precision, stable mechanical and low noise. It is ideal equipment for cutting and processing non-woven fabrics, plastics and other reels. Motor variable frequency speed regulation, automatic counting, alarm stop, tension control and other functions. The use of heavy-duty cutting tools, products neat, no edges and corners.

Features: compact structure, high degree of automation, with computer control, variable frequency speed regulation, fixed length, automatic counting, sound and light alarm, photoelectric tracking and other functions. It is suitable for the transverse cutting of the reel material after printing, and it is the necessary equipment for the roll printing, the composite material and the cutting material.

Main technical parameters:


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