RG-3A computerized crosscut machine
RG-3A computerized crosscut machine

Scope of application

This machine is mainly used for coated paper, coated paper, kraft paper and paper plastic composite, plastic sheet material cutting drum. It is especially suitable for the production of paper industry and paper processing industry.

Performance and characteristics

? feeding adopts automatic feeding system of air cylinder, so the operation is simple and convenient.

- cutter by heavy vertical cutter, cutting the finished neatly, without the water; and can be carried out simultaneously in the transverse slitting.

? the electrical system part adopts advanced industrial control system and computer centralized control. The combination of frequency conversion speed regulation and servo drive is adopted to achieve synchronous operation, and the cutting accuracy is high and the speed is fast.

The transmission part adopts pneumatic structure and microcomputer control to make it run smoothly.

? this machine has automatic stacking function and stacking neatly. Photoelectric automatic tracking and alignment system.

Light - electric eye tracking applied to printing and packaging material cutting.

Main technical parameters



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