RG-H Series Mini blown film machine
RG-H Series Mini blown film machine


The extruder, cylinder, screw rods are made of high quality alloy steel, nitriding size and precision machining has the best hardness and corrosion resistance, special designed screw with high yield, good plasticizing, forblowinglow densitypolyethylene (LDPE) high density polyethylene (HDPE) linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) and other plastic film, widely used in food, clothing, bags, vest bags etc.

Usage method

Check the temperature controlled condition, heating appliances in good condition, pay attention to adjust the heating temperature in the index range in time.

Check the traction speed control film thickness.

3 to observe and adjust the film thickness uniformity, folding size standard.

The inspection of the air storage cylinder pressure is not too high, but due to standby pressure.

The check and control the ratio of raw materials mixed evenly.

The inspection of raw materials has no impurities, especially should check with the iron magnet.

But check the gear box and the air compressor cylinder lubricating oil lubrication.

The regular inspection of the operating temperature of the motor and mechanical transmission.


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