Model RG-1C medium speed gravure press
Model RG-1C medium speed gravure press


Product features:

1. printing color group can be increased or reduced according to customer requirements, can be completed once and for all.

2. feeding are double electric flip structure, realize non ground refueling.

3. roller and unwinding traction adopts magnetic powder and automatic tension control system.

4., active frequency conversion, winding and winding traction using torque motor control.

5. drying oven: upper and lower one type oven, centrifugal fan, exhaust exhaust structure.

6. pneumatic feeding and press roller are pneumatic.

7. scraper can be adjusted in three directions, scraper left and right movement, driven by the motor.

8., the non axial gas ceiling mounting method improves the efficiency of plate change.

9. computerized automatic chromatography system.

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