Screen printing machine anti-static solution, screen printing humidifier

  Screen printing machine anti-static solutions, screen printing humidifier industrial humidifier application related news reports: autumn and winter low and dry, in the silk screen in their position to do relative scuffing friction, especially in the low humidity will produce static electricity Affecting the distribution of charge on the surface of the substrate. Especially the insulating material, such as the Pc substrate for the disc, the PET sheet on the touch light, and the PVc used for the sign, the PP of the plastic bottle, PE, etc. They belong to the insulator, and once the screen printing operation Static electricity will be generated. For example, with the screen printing film switch decorative ink, because the PET film in the film, the surface of a layer of PVC and other self-adhesive film on its surface protection, so that in the cutting, packaging, and so will not scratch. But after cutting off the screen must be opened before the protective film, often some operators in the tearing off the protective film when the film is very fast, which I do not know in this fast pull the film moment, the protective film and PET film quickly separated    In the process, especially in the low-humidity PET chip surface to produce static electricity, the results in the silk screen on the edge of the ink there are flying hair, and in the transparent PET sheet on the plush-like pattern of ink and so on quality problems.


First, because the existence of static electricity in the printing because of static electricity caused by the production difficulties for the body, in the silk screen in the performance are:

1. Silk screen after the network, imprinting ink with the screen with a plush pull up, the workpiece removed after the "flying hair" -like silk just cut off the phenomenon

2. Overprint, the former color and after the same color ink edge and edge of the pattern of mutual exclusion, not very good match, so that between the two colors ink ink.

3. Screen printing, the workpiece glued to the screen, especially in the scraper to move the end of the screen position.

4. The printing material sticks together inseparable

5. Blanking process, the ink on the screen paved the difficult, agglomerate stick together

6. Substrate dust, screen printing after the ink defects, pitting, the surface is not rough and so clean


 To this end, the solution is to use the air humidifier, humidifier in addition to humidity, but also the role of prevention and control of dust. For the generation and elimination of static electricity should be based on specific circumstances and conditions of analysis and the corresponding measures to make printing work to ensure product quality can be convenient and smooth to continue.

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