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Model RG-D flexible letterpress printing machine

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Model RG-D flexible letterpress printing machine


Flexible letterpress printing machine is a printing machine using photosensitive resin soft plate as a plate, commonly known as "aniline printing machine"". Suitable for printing non-woven fabrics, polyethylene, polypropylene and other plastic bags, glass paper, rolls of paper and other packaging materials, is food paper packaging, supermarket handbags, bags, clothing bags and other packaging ideal printing equipment.

Performance and characteristics of flexible letterpress printing machine:

1, simple operation, soft start, accurate color.

2 meter meter can set the number of printing according to the requirements, to the number of automatic stop, broken material automatic stop.

3, manual lifting plate cylinder, after lifting, ink automatic mixing.

4, reticulate roller ink, ink evenly.

5 、 reliable drying system, with high speed operation, stop automatic circuit breaker.

6 and 360 degrees longitudinal adjustable flower arrangement.

7 、 variable frequency speed regulation, adapt to different printing speed.

8, the roll seat and the receiving rack are equipped with inching and Stopping buttons, so that the machine is easy to operate during the loading.

Main technical parameters:


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