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RG-2D800 heat-sealed cold-cut single-layer bag making machine

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Performance: the main can be cut PE, PP, industrial bags, supermarket bags, vest bags, flat pocket.

Technical Parameters:


The main technical parameters and configuration:

1, the host part:

① host motor: 1.5KW, Shanghai East East

③ can not stop high down. ,

⑤ Wuxi Xuncheng XC2005B, position controller,

⑥ Stepping motor 350A,

⑦ hybrid drive HB-B3CS,

⑧ inverter Taizhou De Fu 1.5KW.

2, temperature control sealing part:

① temperature control table Yuyao Keqiang intelligent digital display,

② sealing knife 62 # copper,

③ base with heating.

3, put the feed part

① before feeding roller diameter ⊙ 62MM,

② after the discharge roller diameter ⊙ 62MM,

③ after discharge motor Wuhu DS production,

④ DC motor 400W,

⑤ light eye tracker 1, dragon tour dragon production

4, cutting blade high wear-resistant alloy steel Maanshan five-star production

① static eliminator

② before the feeding site 1,

③ post-feeding site 1

100 width punch 1 set 8 large, round type

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