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Many European countries in order to reduce the printing of the color and specifications to achieve the efficiency of efficiency, reduce energy consumption and reduce the environmental protection of sewage discharge purposes, set up a lot of rules, the purpose is to. But now China does not have such a limited standard, the specifications of the national carton is more hairy. On the market, carton order types are complex, but the number of specific varieties is declining. Therefore, China's carton industry encountered the development of confusion in many countries in Europe does not exist. Therefore, the digital printing press in the field of packaging applications in the international community did not form a climate, and more suitable for China's carton packaging market.

China is a large packaging, waterless digital printing equipment, once promoted in China, will inevitably produce butterfly effect, to the global packaging industry a subversive revolution.

Now encountered in the international order, the traditional practice of the packaging industry is the need for both sides of the printing plate and sample reciprocating many times, consuming a long auxiliary time, and future waterless digital press after the intervention, this situation will be completely changed, foreign customers Through the network instantly can be designed to transfer the draft to the domestic manufacturers, manufacturers immediately put into production, perhaps foreign customers in the next day you can get the product through the logistics.


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