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2016 China Print Packaging and Media Technology Academic Conference in Xi

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November 25, by the Xi'an Polytechnic University, China Printing Technology Association, China Printing Science and Technology Research Institute, Stuttgart Media University co-sponsored by the Xi'an University of Science and Technology Printing and Packaging and Digital Media Institute, China Printing Science and Technology Research Institute of packaging and printing technology Beijing Key Laboratory, China Printing Technology Association Academic Committee and the China Photographic Society of Printing Technology Professional Committee hosted the "2016 China Printing and Packaging Technology and Media Technology Conference and the printing and packaging professional construction and professional certification seminar" held in Xi'an successfully.

The main report will be by the printing and packaging and digital media academy secretary Cao Congjun, China Printing Science and Technology Research Institute Vice President Zhao Pengfei host. Xi'an Science and Technology University Party Secretary Zhou Xiaode, executive vice president of China Printing Technology Association Liangcheng Lin, China Printing Science and Technology Research Institute President Chu Tingliang, China Printing Technology Association Deputy Secretary-General Li Yonglin, printing and packaging and digital media Dean Fang Changqing and other leaders attended the meeting.

On behalf of the school. In his speech, he pointed out that the meeting set up a peer exchange of academic essence, share the results of masterpieces, explore the cutting-edge technology platform, not only promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, will also promote the broad masses of scientific research workers continue to lead the industry development. At the same time, he also on behalf of the organizers of Xi'an University of Technology, sincerely welcome the guests to Xi'an University of Technology visit exchange.

Prof. Jon Yngve HARDEBERG of the University of Science and Technology in Norway, Professor Patrick GANE of the University of Alto, Finland, and Vice President of Mathias HINKELMANN of the University of Stuttgart, respectively, gave a paper entitled "Multispectral Color Image for Applications" Design: Application of Porous Network and Fluid Interaction in Packaging, Functional Printing and Life Sciences "Media Development Trend: New Mode and Opportunity for Printing Industry" The main report of the conference was shared with delegates to share their latest research results. The conference received a total of 246 conference papers from domestic and foreign printing and packaging institutions and scientific research institutions. After the expert's three rounds of rigorous evaluation, 143 papers were recommended to Springer's "Lecture Notes" in Electrical Engineering (LNEE) "and selected 15 excellent papers in the published conference papers.

The second day of the meeting, from Wuhan University, Xi'an University of Technology, South China University of Technology, Beijing Institute of Printing, Tianjin University of Science and Technology, Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology, Qilu University of Technology, Zhejiang University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Hunan University of Technology, More than 230 representatives of well-known printing and packaging institutions, institutions around the "color science and technology", "image processing technology", "digital media and digital publishing technology", "film and other functional materials technology," "packaging engineering technology" Mechanical engineering and intelligent technology "" printing engineering technology "" ink and related technology "and" paper and related technology "and other nine topics were grouped reports and exchanges.

2016 China Print Packaging and Media Technology Academic Conference in Xi'an University of Technology grand

The third day of the meeting, more than 50 representatives of colleges and universities to continue to participate in the "Ministry of Education Light Industry Teaching Committee of the third session of the printing engineering group," other delegates drove to Weinan, visit Weinan High-tech Zone 3D printing industry cultivation Base in the afternoon to visit the Xi'an University of Technology Qujiang campus, visit the national Tang Zhongying Engineering Training Center, the participants on the Xi'an University of Technology to cultivate college students in engineering practice and innovative ability to run the mechanism to give high praise and full recognition.

Media technology research level, as well as promote the industrialization of scientific research applications play a positive role in promoting. At the same time, Xi'an Polytechnic University successfully held this meeting also to strengthen the Xi'an University of Technology external influence, open up teachers and students academic perspective, and a high level of academic exchanges provide a good opportunity.


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