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What is the stencil printing?

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Gravure printing machine stencil printing that is used to make a screen printing method. The specific method is to produce in the printing plate and the two parts of the film, the role of the film is to prevent the passage of ink, and the graphic part of the external force is squeezed by the ink to the printed matter printed on the substrate, thus forming Print graphics. The principle is: in the plane of the board to dig holes, and then ink, so that the ink through the pores printed on the substrate.

Gravure Printing Technology A wide range of stencil printing can be used in this way to produce prints, can also be used for daily necessities and industrial supplies packaging printing. For example, we are common on the car's font printing, graphic packaging on the packaging box, etc., are mostly using the hole leakage version of the printing method. Kong plate in the Chinese also known as through version, template, Japanese called paper, the feather version.


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