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What are the characteristics of offset printing paper?

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Properties of raw material and paperboard for gravure printing press paper. Offset paper is usually made of bleached needles, wood pulp, chemical pulp and a proper amount of bamboo pulp. When the offset paper is processed, the filling and sizing are heavier. Some high-grade offset paper also needs surface sizing and pressing. Offset printing in the printing, because of the use of ink balance principle, so the paper needs to have good water resistance, dimensional stability and strength. Offset paper is mostly used for color printing. In order to make the ink to restore the original tone, it requires a certain degree of whiteness and smoothness.

Offset paper generally used for printing pictures, color illustrations, trademarks, cover, lining, high-grade books and Book etc.. In recent years, with the improvement of people's culture and living standards, books and materials have also been developed to a higher level. More and more books and periodicals have been printed with offset paper. Because the offset paper quality white, crisp flat 1 delicate advantages, having books and periodicals made clear text books, the flat is not easy deformation, compared with the bare version, newsprint grade books, exceptionally different, won the readers and users welcome.

This is one of the characteristics of offset printing presses.


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